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Welcome to the home page of the Association of Canadian Lease Auditors (ACLA) - the only institution in Canada (maybe in the world) that provides educations and services to lease audit professionals. 

About the Association of Canadian Lease Auditors

The Association of  Canadian Lease Auditors is a non-profit-making organization that promotes the interest of lease auditors in Canada. Our mission is to establish, maintain and promote high standards of professional knowledge, conduct and ethics among lease auditors.  Because the profession is still in its infant stage, we actively work with corporations to develop a better lease audit culture in Canada.  To browse our site, simply click the links on the left and I wish you have a good visit.

About Lease Audit

Lease Audit is a very unique task in the commercial world, it involves different kind of proficiency: auditing, legal and real estate leasing.  As lease auditors, we need to have in-depth knowledge in accounting principles; realty tax assessment, real estate laws, commercial laws, leasing practice, and more.  Lease auditors are also expected to have excellent lease interpretation skills; analytical skills; research skills; communication skills and negotiation skills. 

About Lease Auditor

In the past, when lease audit was a new term, lease auditors were traditionally lawyers, accountants and leasing managers who wanted to develop their career path on lease audit.  Nowadays, lease audit is a very distinctive profession and its expertise is so special that it goes beyond the scope of each of those professions.  We have to combine the knowledge of legal, leasing and auditing together in order to become a competent lease auditor. 

About Our Designations

Certified Lease Auditor

Certified Lease Auditor is the only designation in Canada that serves the purpose of promoting and regulating the standard and competence of lease auditors.  To be qualified as a Certified Lease Auditor, an individual has to have a bachelor degree, at least five years experience in lease audit, and have the credential reviewed by the association.  Membership is by invitation only.

All Certified Lease Auditors are bound by our Code of Ethics.

For details, please see the page Designation.

Property Value Appraiser

Property Value Appraiser is awarded to those Certified Lease Auditors that also participate in appraising commercial real estate.   To be qualified as a Property Value Appraiser, a Certified Lease Auditor has to finish all the professional courses below:

  • Foundations of Real Estate Economics

  • Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal

  • Real Estate Investment Analysis

  • Advanced Income Approach

  • Reporting Skills

  • Case Studies in Appraisal and submit a sample appraisal that is approved by the Association. 

All Property Value Appraisers are bound by our Code of Ethics.


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